We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with many people who have firsthand experience as clinicians. These experienced individuals work hand-in-hand with our technology teams and clients to make sure we’re delivering solutions that work in real-life … not just the testing lab. They also possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps keep our efforts aligned with the needs and goals of our clients.

In this series, we spotlight individuals who have worked in the field and now contribute their skills and experience to our daily efforts at Netsmart.

Audrey Terry – Product Strategist, myEvolv®

  1. Tell us about yourself.

I began my career in human services as a corrections officer after earning an AAS in criminal justice. After that, I received a bachelor’s degree in community and human services from Empire State College while working with a not-for-profit organization for 20 years.

  1. Give us some highlights of your career in healthcare.

During my time working with the non-profit, I worked with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a residential program. I started out as a direct support professional and worked my way into a director position where I oversaw the day-to-day operations of six residential facilities and led the Medicaid audit committee for the residential program. My last five years there were spent implementing the Netsmart solution for the entire organization. Throughout my career, I gained knowledge about how to support individuals with disabilities to achieve independence and to help them reach goals that were important to them to live meaningful lives.

  1. What makes you passionate about serving the clients/organizations who use Netsmart’s services?

I am passionate about working with individuals with disabilities and, seeing first-hand how I could help people, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience. For three years, I traveled to Nicaragua as a volunteer where I worked closely with disabled children and their families, educating them about caring for their children. While there, I also worked to organize activities for children with disabilities and their families. In my second year, I worked with the local government and other not-for profit organizations to help to open a school for children with disabilities. During my last trip, I drove a wheelchair lift van from New York to Nicaragua. The van was full of medical, therapy and adaptive equipment along with school supplies which were all donated to the new school.

  1. Why did you make the change from clinical work to working with Netsmart?

I left the organization I was with and came to Netsmart because I was passionate about the product, myEvolv®. I saw how much the software helped to organize and streamline the documentation process. Implementing myEvolv® reduced documentation errors and it reduced the time it took to complete documentation, creating more time to work with clients. I wanted to bring my experience to Netsmart so I could work together to help clients achieve meaningful outcomes and still focus on what’s most important, the individuals they serve.

  1. What does your perfect weekend look like?

My perfect weekend would be a warm, bright day spent out on the lake, fishing!