Think about a time you’ve had to make a big decision. You took the facts you were aware of and you made your decision based off of the information you knew. What if a major piece of information wasn’t presented as an option or you were not given all of the details to consider the best choice?

If you had access to all of the information before making the decision, you may have made a different choice. That’s not the kind of gamble one should have taken when it comes to health care.

When clinicians and care providers have complete access to a patient’s health information, both current and historical, they are provided opportunities to make the best care decisions possible. Having an electronic health record system that aids in successful management and exchange of a patient’s health history is an absolute necessity when it comes to providing care to reach the best possible outcomes.

At Netsmart, we are working to connect providers across care communities, allowing them to provide the best care possible to the individuals they serve. We’re excited to be leading the way.

Watch Sam’s story in the video below to see an example of how care coordination can help effectively manage his care for the best results.