Imagine if you bought a brand new car, but you didn’t use any of the features. You never listened to the radio on long road trips. You didn’t switch on the AC in the summer or the heat in the winter. You didn’t use the power locks or windows.

Now, imagine your healthcare organization has just made an investment in an electronic health record (EHR) system but isn’t using any of the features and functionality.

That’s not the case with Willow Health Care. They hopped in the driver’s seat and took control of their journey to success – for their organization as well as the individuals they serve.

The continuing care retirement community began using Netsmart’s EHR in 2015 as part of an effort to improve performance across the board. First steps included getting complete view of a patient’s healthcare record as well as to prepare for partnerships in the bundled payment world. They realized that although they laid a foundation for success, there were still many opportunities for improvement. Willow could go faster, but in order to go full throttle, they needed to utilize all of the tools available within their EHR. They also needed a GPS to navigate the trip.

That’s when they called in their Netsmart crew for support.

The team jumped in with product expertise to help streamline operations and to create solid best practices and workflows. They helped Willow go truly paperless and the right configuration of the EHR was put in place for maximum efficiency. Willow worked with their accounting firm to help with financial features. Together with their partners, Willow was creating a well-oiled machine when it came to their EHR.

Once the operational groundwork was fine-tuned, it was time to get the entirety of the Willow team on track with using the EHR. Applicable dashboards and widgets geared toward certain roles were implemented to encourage adoption by staff. Education and further support was provided and it was so well received, Willow brought in an in-house support role to help maintain momentum as industry regulations change and software is updated or enhanced.

Now that Willow has elevated their EHR potential with help from Netsmart, they’re cruising down the road to success. By adjusting the engine running day-to-day operations, Willow’s successes have extended beyond improving outcomes for residents. They’ve experienced an increase of EHR adoption and use across the organization and streamlined workflows have improved business efficiency. These efforts combined have resulted in increased profitability for the organization, proving to payers and partner organizations the value of Willow’s investment. Netsmart will continue to work closely together to maintain this type of success.

Click here to read the complete whitepaper on how Willow Health Care was able to maximize opportunities for success by taking their EHR adoption the extra mile thanks to support and services provided by their Netsmart team.