It’s amazing what wonderful things can be accomplished when we work together. The alliance between Netsmart and Kansas City-based Cornerstones of Care is an example of two organizations that are achieving positive outcomes through collaboration and by rethinking traditional client-vendor relationship roles. Cornerstones of Care’s Electronic Health Record Director Justin Horton says that by redefining these roles with Netsmart, “We were able to move our EHR foundation forward 10 years in only 10 months’ time.”

For Horton, there’s no reason the connection between technology and healthcare providers should be complicated. “The relationship should be synchronized, coordinated and efficient,” he says. That thinking is what lead to an ongoing partnership in 2015 between the two groups, with the underlying goal to positively impact the health and well-being of children and families.  Little did they know they would shatter and reconstruct the client-vendor relationship for the better.


Cornerstones of Care’s Justin Horton and Netsmart’s Bryan Backenstoss presented the unique relationship between the organizations at the Alliance for Strong Families & Communities Senior Leadership Conference on Feb. 19 in Clearwater, Florida.

Horton describes the unique relationship with Netsmart as “leveraging the strengths of each partner, learning from one another and truly evolving not only for the good of one another, but for the good of the communities we are privileged to serve.” This special dynamic nurtures an atmosphere of innovation between both Netsmart and Cornerstones of Care to help solidify operations and improve the quality of services and care. Dedication to this initiative is so solid that Netsmart has gone so far as to blend Cornerstones of Care associates into day-to-day operations to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Both organizations are committed to acting together as one team, creating opportunities to utilize digital solutions to bridge gaps in service processes, ensuring improvement of care for children and parents in Cornerstones of Care’s foster care population. They have agreed that the best practices developed from this experience are shared in the industry with hopes that other organizations take note and follow suit to provide the best care to their communities.

Working together, both organizations collaborate on implementing Netsmart solutions to suit the needs of Cornerstones of Care’s operations. By maximizing digital tools, Cornerstones of Care has gone paperless and portable, streamlining processes along the way and ultimately improving efficiencies for providing services for foster care cases.

The alliance between the organizations has been such a win for Cornerstones of Care that they are looking into the future for the development of additional digital solutions to maintain long-term success in foster care case execution as population needs grow and change.

Horton and Netsmart’s Director of Client Development Bryan Backenstoss described the partnership experience at The Alliance for Strong Families & Communities Senior Leadership Conference on Feb. 19 in Clearwater, Florida in an effort to encourage organizations to adopt new partnership practices.

When groups work together under the spirit of partnership, it creates a chain-reaction leading to the successful care of individuals which is ultimately what it’s all about. Considering the impact a true partnership has on outcomes, ask yourself, what am I looking for in a partner to digitize and connect my populations?