Every quarter Netsmart hosts a syncWEEK to gather leadership from across the company to discuss Netsmart’s state of the state and plan for the future. The first syncWEEK of 2017 wrapped up last week and we were so excited to review where we’ve come from and where we’re going through different educational sessions and networking opportunities. Netsmart is committed to continually improving the way we work and deliver the best solutions to our clients, and syncWEEKs are a great forum to brainstorm with each other, share best practices and recognize our associates’ accomplishments. Here is some of the feedback our associates shared with us.
Hear from our Netsmart associates who attended:  

“Being empowered to share our passion for behavioral health in conjunction with technology is a characteristic that is unique to Netsmart, and we execute that passion, naturally.” – Michael Hulgan Jr., Solutions Consultant 


“syncWEEK is always a great time of connecting and recharging.  I loved the format that included the product training sessions with client guest speakers as well as the Leadership Innovations session with Leta.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to make it such a success.” – Corrie Barron, Solutions Team Lead

“syncWEEK could be renamed ‘Information Input Week.’ I love meeting all of my new teammates.  The pieces are coming together and I am excited for our clients and for my future with Netsmart!” – Maureen Wainwright, Client Alignment Executive, Sales – Homecare

“The energy was palpable! Confirming the importance of all team members by exploring Netsmart’s financial and product growth. I especially enjoyed the hands-on presentations for team members to feel new features and the importance to the users. Hearing the passion of the agencies reminded us that our work has heart and higher causes touching many. The week helped me as a new associate in the journey towards my success.” – Nancy Fella, Product Strategist – Engineering Research & Development

“Four days well spent! Monday overviews really helped to set the tone and let us know where we were at and what needed to be the focus moving forward. The communication workshop was wonderful and I feel better equipped to have different kinds of conversations. I am very grateful for a company that invests its time and resources in their people.”  Jenny Houston Sayler, Solutions Marketing Specialist, Marketing – Homecare


“It was so good to meet our new associates from our recent HealthMedX acquisition. I had the opportunity to learn more about the post-acute market this week. Although there are differences, the more we talked, it was evident that our goals and challenges were very similar.” – Tracey Roxby, Client Alignment Strategist

Thank you for taking time to join us during this syncWEEK! We’re looking forward to a great year of success in 2017 and it’s the hard work and dedication of all our associates that makes it happen!