“When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze
For the holidays, you can’t beat home, sweet home.”


When we hear those words from Perry Como crooned over loudspeakers in a local mall or through our car radios we picture different things: the serviceman or woman wishing they could be with their families … or perhaps a traveling salesman trying to get back to his wife and kids. At KVC, we tend to think of particular children waiting for their forever families. These are kids who can’t be safely reunited with their birth relatives, and have no other resources or family members to take them in.

There is much to be thankful for. We’re coming off a successful November, National Adoption Month. In Kansas alone we facilitated the adoptions of more than 60 children. Eight of those new families stood before District Court Judge Kathleen L. Sloan who called it “the best day of the year in this courtroom, in this courthouse.”

The bright smiles seen in Judge Sloan’s courtroom fuel us to work even harder to find homes for the 350 other children in Kansas and 102,000 kids nationwide who are still in foster care waiting to be adopted. Kids like …

10-year-old Travis who loves to sing, play basketball and go to church,

Travis S 8_1_15


Shawn, a 16 year-old who’s good at math and would like to be a police officer some day,



And siblings Jah’Veon and Ja’Carla. He takes pride in being a good big brother, while she loves making new friends.


JahVeon H JaCarla S 3_11_14On a financial level, adoptions through foster care have minimal costs, and those costs are often reimbursable. Make no mistake, it is a serious, life-long commitment, which is why we provide preparation resources and support (both before and after adoptions).

There’s no place like home for the holidays. And it’s our hope and prayer that, in 2016, many more of these children will be blessed with the sunshine of a friendly gaze from family.