A Knowledge Driven Approach To Care
Aug. 7, 2013

Welcome to my first blog on Clinical Corner! On August 14, I will be co-presenting a webinar as part of Netsmart’s Clinical Summer Webinar series. The webinar is called Imagining Knowledge-Driven Care: Seamless Knowledge Flow for Continuous Improvement.

I wanted to briefly share this topic with you and get your feedback.

As we move from the paper process of care documentation, we will continue to accumulate more and more data electronically. In theory, this makes information retrieval more efficient and reliable provided the proper infrastructure is in place, but really this is just the beginning of what is possible. In the not so distant future, sound practice will be measured by the degree in which treatment decisions are based on rationales that we can measure and confirm, and consequently contribute to continuous process improvement. Organizations that take advantage of data and structure a knowledge-driven approach to the practice of medicine, will be the leaders in advancing the clinical science of medical care. Those organizations that fail to harness the power of a knowledge driven approach to care will struggle to move to a level of consistent quality in delivering care.

When it comes to specific medical decisions, eliminating random choices and replacing them with a knowledge based decision making process, will help to eliminate the risk of a biased decision making. Biased decision making carries the inherent risk of that preference being erroneously based, meaning you’ll have zero chance of getting the optimal decision and outcome. Our goal is to ensure by creating a knowledge flow (not a workflow) any bias is in the right direction, increasing the confidence of getting the optimal medical decision.